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Flag Day 2 October

We raised £229 on our Flag Day which was the 2nd October 2010  A big "thank you" to all who helped and donated.


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A call every two hours about animals injured by litter


New figures have shown that we answer a call about an animal that has been harmed by rubbish every two hours.


From a hedgehog with a deep neck wound from an old elastic band, a swan with an old fishing hook stuck in its throat and a seal close to death from a neck injury caused by a plastic frisbee.


We answered 5,081 calls about animals affected by litter in 2017.


Our latest annual figures showed that seven out of 10 calls were about animals affected by angling litter including old hooks, lures, netting and other fishing paraphernalia, and the rest were about general litter such as plastic products and tin cans.


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We are the RSPCA Branch for Alton, Haslemere and Petersfield.  We work for animal welfare and to prevent cruelty to animals in our Branch area. 

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